Dave Soldier / Steven Beck
"In Black & White"

Dave Soldier/Steven Beck - In Black & White
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In BLACK & WHITE is a double CD of Soldier's solo piano music performed by the virtuosic Steven Beck.


The music includes the notorius 23 minute version of Chopin's Minute Waltz: a piano transcription of an improvisation by the Thai Elephant Orchestra: Letter to Skip James, Letter to Gil Evans, Hockets & Inventions, and Girl in Car with Hat, featuring nearly impossible techniques from Jerry Lee Lewis


2014, 2 hours

Phong?s Solo (2012, Dave Soldier / Richard Lair / Wade Ripka)
Transcription of a 2002 improvised piece on renaat by Phong (pronounced ?Poong?), a proficient and avid 5 year old elephant, on the Thai Elephant Orchestra?s CD Elephonic Rhapsodies. The conservationist Richard Lair and Soldier co-founded the orchestra, building giant instruments. Composer Wade Ripka transcribed the piece and Soldier arranged it.

Two Fractals (op. 24, 2011)
These are constructed from patterns derived from the names ?Bach? (the notes Bb A C B) and ?Haydn? (B A D D G).  The intervals are superimposed at multiple time scales, similar to the way that triangles are superimposed on a ?Koch snowflake?.

Letter to Gil Evans (op. 25, 2012)

Letter to Skip James (1987, revised 2012)

Girl in Car with Hat (Op 26, 2012)
Inspired by Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand.

Five Little Monsters (1984, piano version 2010)
Babylon Hair: Wiccans & Goths: Moshpit Locomotive: Beasties DMC: Curry Goat Stand
Scenes in Tompkins Square Park on New York City?s lower east side.

Nocturnes (1984-2013)
Li Yuen, a.k.a. ?Fountian of Beauty?, an opium brand
Mata Hari Balerina de Java, spy and dancer
 Bricktop, singer with a cabaret in Montmarte
 Le Belvedere, Ravel?s house.

Hockets & Inventions (Op 6, 1987-89: piano version, 2010)
An exploration of how polyphonic music of the Ars Nova might have evolved in parallel history. The Hockets are in three single note lines, with the center tenor line from a pre-existing melody, now with a repeated rhythmic and melodic phrase of different length, surrounded by ornamentation. The Inventions are alternate two and three parts. They were premiered the great organist Walter Hilse.
1. Hocket I Jordan (tenor from medieval plainsong)
2. Invention 1 (two parts)
3. Hocket II Fuelgen tenor from medieval plainsong)
4. Invention 2 (three parts)
5. Hocket III Neville (tenor in the style of the Neville Brothers of New Orleans)
6. Invention 3 (two parts)
7. Hocket IV Otto (tenor from a piece by Otto Luening)
8. Invention 4 (three parts)
9. Hocket V Roscoe (tenor from a piece by Roscoe Mitchell)
10. Invention 5 (two parts)
11. Hocket VI Resolution (tenor from A Love Supreme by John Coltrane)
12. Invention 6 (three parts)


 Minute Waltz Variations (Chopin / Soldier, 1847 / 2010)
They say about poor pianists, ?it takes him half an hour to play the Minute Waltz?
1: the average note at each point (often microtones between the piano keys)
2: all of the notes in the scale that Chopin did not write
3. time information extracted: all notes played at once
4. Fourier transform, amplitude and frequency of successive note entries
5. all pitch information extracted
6. the Minute Waltz in 6 seconds
7. First derivative
8. Integral (this rapidly becomes too high for the piano keyboard and then for human hearing)
9. the Minute Waltz in half an hour