Mulatta Records is a partnership between Ayo Osinibi (world music specialist, DJ, and record producer), and composer/performer Dave Soldier, up and running since 2000. Our label manager and book-keeper is Tam Zee, who also handles all orders placed on the Web site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do Web orders usually take?

  1. Orders take from one to three weeks.

Why don't you use FedEx to ship CDs?

  1. It's way too expensive, far more than the money we make on the CD! We would lose money on every CD sold.

Where can I buy your CDs besides this Web site?

  1. We are carried in most major CD stores. Be encouraged to ask them to order a copy of something you're looking for. Our releases are carried by City Hall Distributors and/or Forced Exposure.

Are you hiring?

  1. Being a young label and specializing in very noncommercial music, we can't afford to hire anyone. To date, the money to make CDs comes from our day jobs. The spare time we have is spent writing, rehearsing, and recording the music, and actually putting the CDs together. So we are very dependent on poor Tam!

Do you accept music demos?

  1. Sure! You can send them to the address on the Contact page. We won't go to your website to download files. Realize that we can only release a small number of CDs.