Dave Soldier
"Naked Revolution - A Russian Opera"

Dave Soldie -Naked Revolution - A Russian Opera
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A socialist realist opera drawn from immigrant dreams

music by Dave Soldier
libretto by Maita di Niscemi
created with Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid

artwork by Komar & Melamid from their collection American Dreams, created for the opera

The Manhattan Chamber Orchestra conducted by Richard Auldon Clark

Choir: Alicia Waller, Natasha Thweatt, Sahoko Sako Timpone, Yilong Li, Lindell Carter, Charles Coleman

and featuring
Yuri Lemeshev, accordion
Jimmy Justice: King George III, a.k.a.
the Man in the Moon

Elena Mindlina, soprano:  Molly Pitcher/ Russian soothsayer/ Baba Yaga / Vera Pavlovna/ Isadora Duncan
Oleg Ryabets, countertenor:  Vladimir Lenin
Timur Bekbosunov, tenor:  Alexander Ulyanov/ Civilian George Washington (George I)
Vladimir Avetsian, baritone:  General George Washington (George II)

Act  I 
New York City, 1776, Bowling Green
1. Truth, truth, truth           
2. Heave ho boys           
3. Washington’s entrance       
4. Bullets               
5. I was not my father’s eldest son  
Act II
Moscow, 1917
6. Russian maiden’s trio
7. When the Devil comes to Moscow
8. And when you see a fire
9. Lenin at Smolny

New York City, 1989, Washington Square
10. Remember
11. Lenin’s entrance
12. I still remember
13. Lenin and Washington’s trio
14. Oh no
15. Sing of nature
16. Hysteria

Orchestra, Oleg Ryabets, and Jimmy Justice recorded at the Kitchen in 1997 by
Rory Young. The other vocals are recorded by Dave Soldier and Sam Palombo at Dubway Studios, 2017-2018. Mixed by Patrick Derivaz,
mastered by Sheldon Steiger.

Artwork by Komar & Melamid
CD design and layout by Detta Andreana

Thanks to Anna Halberstadt, Ben Neill,
the Kitchen, David Herskovits, Nadia Roden,
Leah Singer, the Walker Arts Center,
Gail Scott White, and Kirby Malone.

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