Vince Bell

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"His inner drive is Herculean, his tale-spinning gifts are hypnotic, and he’s got more soul than a Muscle Shoals church picnic. Bell’s vocal instrument is fairly reeking of the intense effort and passion with which it is charged. Bell’s music, while hauntingly beautiful, nevertheless creates an inescapable tension with his audience; there is an ever-present fear of falling which makes the listener lean into his songs, to urge them on while holding one’s breath . . . . This is truly a magical thing–it is show business, and it is dangerous.” - Jim Musser

Bell, who plays extensively in the U.S. and Europe, has appeared on such nationally broadcast television and radio programs as Austin City Limits, Mountain Stage, World Café, In the Prime, Morning Edition, and several other NPR programs. Along with
“Woman of the Phoenix," Nanci Griffith has also recorded Bell's "Sun & Moon & Stars," and Lyle Lovett has recorded both "I've Had Enough" on Step Inside This House, and "Sun & Moon & Stars" on Natural Forces.


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