Various Artists
"Globalista Radio-Sensual Sonores"

Album Order from MulattaPop

Release date: September 29, 2006

Himatsuri (by Bliki Circus, remixed by Ayo and Time 'Love' Lee)
Tarifa (by Zeb, remixed by Ayo)

This compilation highlights the budgeoning NY City Ethno Dance/Lounge culture as heard in music played in many of the newer clubs and lounge bars, particularly in the East Village of Manhattan. East-European Gypsy, Brazil samba, French pop, Indian bhangra, Andalusian flamenco and Afro-funk with many of the songs processed through an aural prism of lush sensual electronica.

The Artists featured include: Shakti, Karina Zeviani, ElodieO, Zeb, Mandeng Eletrik, Bliki Circus and Organic Grooves, with remixes by Tim 'Love' Lee and Cosmic Rocker.