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With the exception of The Stars of Country Music Greet the Spring, all lyrics are from medieval Andalusia, found in old Diwan collections in libraries in Spain and New York.

(by Samuel ha Nagid)

Krav Dome Berosho Leyefeyfiya
Asher Kol Eesh Lesachek Ba Ye-ave
Vesofo Kazkena Hameusa
Asher Kol Shochara Yivke Veyidve

(translated from Hebrew by AnnaT)

At the start, a battle is like a very beautiful woman
That every man will desire to play with...
And when the battle is over... it is like a
repulsive old woman
And all of her advocates will mourn cry and ache.

Rendered in modern Hebrew:
Beethila Krav Dome Le-eesha Yafa
Shkol Ehad Haya Rotze Ba Ve-eeta Lesahek
Vekol Mee Shetamach Ba Mitabel Veboche.

Water and Fire
(by Al-A Ma At Tutili)

Beesa Laomri Marada El-adul
Umrun Kasiron Wa-eenaun Tawil
Yazafaratin Natakat Alil
Waya Dumuan Kad Aanat Masil

Dam-un Maspuch Wadulu-un Chirar
Maun Wanar
Ma-ajtama Ela Amrin Kubar

Yakaban Hajat Eliya Elkulub
Bayna Hawan Dayin Washawkin Mujib
Hanna Awahin Alayha Munib

Labayka Lialwee Likawlee Elrakib
Maw El-habib Anfarmo thi-amar
Kanna Dashtar
Nunfis Amibi Kasadi Nul Yigar

Water and Fire
(translated from Arabic by AnnaT)

According to my life, it's sad to hear their (censorious) words
that life is short & labor of love is long...
(I sing) to the groans that betray the one who loves...
and to the tears that flow like a stream.

Flowing tears and a burning chest
water and fire
if you can't get together, leave the moment you can...

All hearts are wandering to Kaba.
I am torn by the passion who calls to everyone who believes in love.
you called the sinner to come back to you.

Here I am! Pay attention to me!! Not to the spy's words...
my lover, he is tired of loving me
and why wouldn't he?
cant you see our love is forbidden?

Beautiful Boy
(by Shmuel Hanagid)

Ehi Kofer Tzvi Hefer Briti
Veahavato Betoch Libi Shmura
Asher Amar Lasahar Bealoto
"Hatireh Et Meor Panay Vatera"
Umareh Halevana Baafela
Kevareket Bechaf Alma Shchora


Ehee Kofer Laofer Kam Balayil
Lekol Kinor Veugavim Meytivim
Asher Ra-ah Beyadi Kos Veamar
"Shte meebeyn Sfatay Dam Anavim"
Veyareach Kmo Yod Nichteva Al
Ksut Sachar Bemeymey Hazehavim

Beautiful Boy
(translated from Hebrew by AnnaT)

I will be a ransom to the deer (even though) he betrayed me,
his love, in my heart is guarded.
he said to the rising moon:
"When youll see my radiant face- will you be afraid?"
and the sight of the moon in the darkness
was like an emerald stone in the palm of a black girl


I will be a ransom to the fawn (lover), (who is) rising at night
to the sound of violins and melodious harps.
he saw a cup in my hand and said
"will you drink from between my lips grape's blood?"
and the moon is like ink that was written on
robes of dawn on the golden water

alternate translation of last 2 lines:
And the moon was like a yod (the letter C) written in golden ink on
the robes of night.

(by Ibn Sahl)

Haldara thabyu elhema, An Kad Hama
Kalba Sabin Chalahu, An Maknisi
Fahawa Fee Haren, Wachafkin Mitlama
Laebath Reeyachu, Alsabaa Bilkabsi

Ma Likalbi Filhawa, Thambin Seewa
Minkum Elchusnu, Wamin Awnee Elnathar.

(translated from Arabic by AnnaT)

Does the little fawn from Al-Hema knows that
he kindled his lover heart (when he lived with him)?
so that is why it's (his love) burning & pounding
like the flame was teased by the west wind...

is my heart a sinner because I am in love?
all the beauty comes from you, and the sparkle is coming from my eyes.

(By Al-Qazzaz)

B-abi Ee-lku
Bil-nafsi Aliku
Hawaytu Hilalan Fil-husni Farida
A-aara El-razala Al-hadan waggida
Zanahu Rashku
Wa-ilkadu Rashiku
Badrun Yatharalab Bilsachri Almubini.

Etharun Muakrab Ala Yasmini
Falahu Mashku
Wa-ilkalbu Mashuku
Wataha Gamalan Lam Yanbor Mazida
Badrun Yatallala Fi-chusni Aatidali.

My Father
(translated from Farsi by AnnaT

I would pay a ransom for my father
Even with the most precious property my soul holds on to
I loved a new moon so special and unique in its beauty
He loaned his sparkle and thin neck from the deer
blessing adorn him
his figure was graceful
a full moon that is captivating with his recognized charm.

His cheeks directed towards the ground, curving on the jasmine
his figure is tall and attractive
from now on my heart is enslaved to passion
He asks (the moon) not to grow old
a full moon that appears with is fullness glory, proud of his beauty.


Ke adame filiolo alieno del amibe,
keredlo de mi betare su a raqibe!

Lo eshkach yemey cheldee
Leyl shachvo eley tzeedee
Al arsee u-marvadee
Ad boker neshakanee ve-asses peev heneekanee

(translated from Romance (early Spanish) by James DenBoer)

I loved a sweet boy from another clan, and he loved me
but his chaperone (spy) wants to keep us apart!

Rendered in modern Spanish:
Amé a un hijito ajeno y él a mi
lo quiere apartar de mi su espía!

Jalal Ad-Din Rumi
Mora safari fitad bi-moa
Onje delema goshad bi-moa
Onma-ch-ke zema nehan hami shud.

Ru-ch-ber ru-che-ma nehad bi-moa.
Chun-dar rameduuz Jan bedawdim
Mora kame-ouh bizad bi-moa.

Mow-eem hami shemas bi-moa
Mow-eem hami she-shad bi-moa.

Mora makonid yad hargezz
Ma-chod hastym yad bi-moa.

Bi-moa shode eem shad gu-yim
Eyma kehami-shehbad bi-moa.

darha hame baste bud barma
Bokshud churah-tab bi-moa.

Mow-eem zenidu bad rehide
Az-ta-aatu az fassad bi-moa.

Devoid of self
(Translated from Farsi by AnnaT)

Devoid of self I traveled to a place
There, in the absence of I, joy filled my heart.

Without I, his obscured face, like the moon
Came forth and kissed my cheek.

In longing for my love I perished
And from that longing, birth was given to me.

I am eternally drunk, without wine.
My joy is endless, without I.

Do not remember me, ever.
For I am memory itself, without I.

I am ecstatic without myself, so I say
O me, may you always be without I.

All the doors were shut to me, and
All opened when he let me in, without I.

Me, I am the one, free of good and evil,
Free from obedience and corruption, without I.

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