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Sylvain Leroux - Tyabala
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01. Fouta
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements  Fatoumata Soumah & Seydouba Kouyaté: lead vocal  Sidiki Camara: tambin (flute)

02. Djandjon
Sylvain Leroux: arrangements Naby Camara: tambin solo  Fatoumata Soumah, Aboubacar Cissé, Aboubacar Soumah, Seydouba Cissé, & Sidiki Camara: tambin

03. Paya Paya
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements & lead vocal  Sylvain Leroux: tambin

04. Do Yara Ké
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements & lead vocal  Sylvain Leroux & Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

05. Dounya Tourounara
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements  Fatoumata Soumah, Sidiki Camara & Seydouba Kouyaté: Lead vocal  Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

06. Douga
Naby Camara & Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

07. Kalan
Aboubacar Soumah &Sidiki Camara: tambin

08. Mon Choix
Véronique Lamah: composition & lead vocal  Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

09. Famille Doundounba
Sakaramba, Doundoun gbè, Nanta douba, Takosaba, Bolo korondon, Kounèn, Kédouba, Farouma djan gbdè Bouba Mbeng: arrangements & lead vocal  Abdoulaye Camara: lead djembe

10. Petite Fleur
Composition: Sidney Bechet  Aboubacar Soumah: chromatic tambin

11. Mané
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements  Seydouba Kouyaté: lead vocal  Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

12. Wassolo
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements  Sidiki Camara: lead vocal  Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

13. Bani
Bouba Mbeng: arrangements  Sidiki Camara & Ismaël Bangoura: lead vocal  Abdoulaye Camara: tambin

14. Soundiata
Sidiki Camara: tambin  intro Seydouba Kouyaté, Allassane Cissé, Alhassane Sylla & Isamël Bangoura: tambin

Les professeurs / the teachers:   
Momo Sylla, directeur, théâtre et danse; Véronique Lamah, directrice, théâtre et chant; Mohamed Mmah Camara: alphabétisation; 
Mamady Mansaré: tambin; Bouba Mbeng: ngoni, percussion, chant;     Bangoura,
Djamady Kouyaté: kora; Babagallé Barry: tambin; 
Tanly Seydou: solfège; Sylvain Leroux: solfège, tambin, tambin chromatique, flûte.

Les étudiants / the students:
Abdoulaye Camara, Aboubacar Cissé, Aboubacar Soumah, Alhassane Keita, Alhassane Sylla, Allassane Cissé, Alseny Sylla, Fatoumata Soumah, Ibrahima Sory Soumah, Ismaël
Makhissa Bangoura, Mohamed Diallo, Naby Camara,
Seydouba Cissé, Seydouba Kouyaté, Sidiki Camara.

This album represents the fruit of more than six years of collaboration between the Centre Tyabala Théâtre de Guinée in Conakry and my personal initiative: l’école fula flute.

On our first album "The Children of Tyabala" (2014), we witnessed the birth of a passion for the tambin flute among the Center’s students. Recruited from the street, these young people joined the Centre to receive an alternative formation focused on the development of Theater Arts, including music, as well as a primary education. Now, five years later, we find them again – along with new additions – seasoned and mature.

In 2009, Mr. Momo Sylla; actor, director, dancer, choreographer; and Ms. Véronique Lamah, an actress and storyteller, chose to become involved with the community and make a difference in the life of young people by founding the Centre Tyabala. Since 2015, our initiatives have merged.

The Centre’s staff is involved body and soul, the school is in operation every day when teachers are there performing their duties. The students are often called upon to perform for the community and their flute playing in particular has brought them notice.

Tyabala built and maintains this program. My contributions consist of: the concept of the chromatic tambin music literacy program; I periodically teach; and strive to deliver financial support. Our growth is organic and relies entirely on the generosity of those among you who resonate with our vision and contribute.

We are the tree, Guinea is the soil, and You are the water!

I must mention in particular two persons among our distinguished faculty: Masters Mamady Mansaré, undisputed Dean of the Guinean flute, and Bouba Mbeng, who teaches percussion, singing, ngoni, he also conducts the ensemble and contributed most of the songs, compositions and arrangements that are the heart of this album.

We are very proud to present this music, recorded on-site at the Centre Tyabala, which was developed through the efforts of our students, teachers, directors and the kindness of our supporters. We hope it fills your hearts as it fills ours.

Sylvain Leroux


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